Burhan Hadžialjević and his very successful exhibited concept, has always been divers and inclusive in space.
In the gallery “Fonticus” in Grožnjan and in the City Museum of Umag, as well as in the Multimedia Center “Luka” in Pula, he has created, from an over-present devastation of the natural and architectural milieu, warning objects and installations.
His message is engaging in a protective and exclamatory way, around the preservation of the wholeness of the monumental historical essence, but also for the preservation of the contemporary architecture from all kinds of destructive primitivism. With a clear political and ecological engagement, as well as activism with purpose, his paintings – objects and installations are clearly opposing the wave of paintings from the cataclysmic period, and for the suburbs of the human garden of heaven. The author is against the ever-present power and horror of plastic which he despites from the bottom of soul; that is precisely why he is inversely making a new esthetic and, without doubt, ethic of life.      His ethno-motives, with an additional rustic and ecological environment, are opposing in a new arrangement to the image of the conceived consumed gloomy world of the tomorrow. Without, however, retracting in the trap of pessimism and nihilism. Because his eminent humanism is striving to warn by framing, it is surely provoking, as well as touching on the wandering how to remove a bitter taste of abstinence and indifference.
    The serious and responsible wandering of the author is reflecting itself through the naturalism and esthetic. He always elaborates simultaneously two states within one form, as the concrete and the abstract always act symbiotically.  There is a caption of the infinity in the relative. In the static, there is transition into the dynamic. From the exceptional, local, historical and commemorative, there is a  move towards the universal.
His  foundation, almost calm from a painter’s  prospective, is acquiring in the finiteness, through the  processing of elements / glass, plastic foil, dry grass, air…/ boldly expressive and surely tactile values of this  passionate researcher,  wanderer and conservator of the material and spiritual heritage.

Gorka Ostojić – Cvajner