This year's winter has surprised us positively this January on the Mediterranean with snow falling for more than a couple of days, which has created joy of creation among many.
This winter has incited artist Burhan Hadžialjević to walk around the villages of Istra : Marušići. Kremenj, Ljubići, Momjan, Smilovići, Tarkuši, Triban....and to capture with the camera the unique sculptures of the snowmen.
Some of them, already in the faze of melting, of deconstruction, and still in the phase of phantasmal tension pre/conditioned by the uncontainable creativity of a man: very personal and unrepeatable stories have been created through an admirable ability to use all sort of objects and tool have been created according to what the photography show, full of fresh and effervescent humor.
During that they are exceptions from the grotesque of the fantasy and imaginary of the bonvivant and child’s animation through the form of skits of snowmen, even, women, pairs and groups.
This composition, incomparable and priceless, almost envious, and precisely this spontaneous creation of “anonymous” actors of these snow creations, has motivated artist Burhan Hadžialjević and architect Anton Kumpa on the idea of this presentation: in a summer and hot Piran gallery  the exhibition of original photos of already lost and forgotten winter craziness and happy moments. This entertains, alluding to all conscious and unconscious creative powers of every individual, but also challenges with its concept of setting an efficient ice-machine.

Nives  Marvin 2003